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The Storm Split Tail Seeker Shad is a slow-sinking and suspending hybrid lure that has a huge alluring presence in the water. This is thanks to the lure's two captivating tail sections that will twist and turn in spectacular fashion through the water.

The end of each tail features an action-enhancing bulb tip that further adds to the motion and generates an attractive movement at any speed. The patented slowly sinking body enables a wide-variety of different uses and is soft for a life-like action.

The split curl tail works at even the slowest of speeds so the basic technique with this lure is to either use a simple slow-retrieve or to retrieve it with stops and jerks for a more unpredictable and exciting motion. 

Inside the body is an internal buoyancy and rattle chamber to send out noise and vibrations through the water to attract the attention of nearby fish.

The Storm Split Tail Seeker Shad comes pre-rigged with a VMC back and belly hook and is available in a selection of tantalising colours that you can choose from in our drop-down menu. There is one lure provided per pack.

Slow sinking and suspending hybrid
Split curl tail
Internal buoyancy chamber
Rattle chamber
Secure I-bolt system with holo eye
Rigged with VMC hooks
14cm length
1 lure provided per pack

Example of savings:RRP: £9.50Price: £8.75You Save: £0.75 Make an Enquiry
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